The Dirty Hippy Crisis Crash Course


A special discounted complete music production course for any experience level. 6 Hours and 4 fundamental topics to help you make the music in your head.



To become the best music producer you can be, you need to be able to make what you can hear inside your head with fluency. Here are four fundamental music production topics that if mastered can unlock your own musical vision.


6 Hour Course

Module One – Synthesis (1.5hrs)

Module Two – Sound Design with Audio (1.5hrs)

Module Three – Drums & Percs (1.5hrs)

Module Four – Composition (1.5hrs)



How does it work

The lessons are conducted using Zoom so you can take the course whereever you are in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.




Section One – Synthesis – A Synthesiser is like an instrument. Once you know the functions and how it affects the sound you can start to create almost anything from scratch. Without being reliant on presets or particular synths.

Section Two – Sound Design with Audio – The possibilities of audio manipulation are quite literally only limited by your imagination. Once you understand all the ways that you can affect sound you will suddenly have a world of musical potential at your fingertips.

Section Three – Drums and Percs – Groove and Rhythm are essential components in creating music. Mastering this aspect of the production puzzle gives you direct control over how heads bop, feet tap and bums wiggle.

Section Four – Composition – Music is a language. The more vocabulary you have the more streamline your musical expression can be. Find your voice through the study of some basic musical vocabulary.