Ableton Live Training

What do you need for the Ableton Live courses & Ableton Live lessons?


Ableton Live


A Computer


Studio Monitors or Headphones




A decent internet connection

How do the Ableton Live Lessons and Ableton Live Courses work?

The way my tutoring works is we video call using the Zoom software which you can download at their website ( You make a free account and send me your email so I will add you to my contacts. To start the lesson you will video call me via Zoom, this way you can also record the whole class directly to your computer. This is a fantastic feature of Zoom and means every lesson you take will be recorded on to your computer and you can reference them at any time.  From my end Zoom allows me to share my screen and computer audio so you will hear and see exactly whats occurring from my computer. From this moment I conduct the class using Ableton from my computer.


Every student is treated in a unique way depending on their strengths and weaknesses. As a passionate teacher I have learnt how to listen properly to the needs of the student and provide a customised approach to every individual. This way no matter what experience level you are, you can be assured your talent will be fully activated, nurtured and your potential can be brought to its fullest. Quite often students want to learn specific sounds or genres so if this is specified before the classes begin some time can be spent on achieving these specified results in class.


If you are a total beginner and never even used the software then it is of no problem. I have taught many students from the bottom up and actually is an advantage as you can begin your production journey without any bad habits. If you have a little or more experience then from listening to your productions I can tell much about what your strengths and weaknesses. This way before starting any class with a student I have a knowledge of what topics can be focal points. Another extremely beneficial practice I do in my classroom is open up the projects of students on my computer. By doing this I can make a presentation of the problems within the project and give practical examples of how to improve them. This also helps students get creative ideas to help them finish their songs.


In my experience most students who take on a course with me usually within that 16 hours grow beyond the topics of the course and learn even more topics that are mentioned on the syllabus. This is of no extra charge.

The class will be conduced using Zoom’s screen sharing Feature.
Hear my audio output from your computer through the additional audio sharing feature of Zoom   :–)

Experienced Tutor

What will make your learning experience unique is that you will learn one to one with a tutor with over 15 years production experience, releases on international labels, and performed in over 20 different countries. You can be sure of a premium teaching experience. I have been teaching music for also more than 10 years and come from a family of teachers so it is in my blood and you can be assured I take great pride and passion in my tutoring.

Video Student Reviews

Watch now these video reviews of some of my satisfied and happy students


All previous and current students are life long members of the private Dirty Hippy Studio group for constant music production support and detailed feedback on all your projects.

Ableton Live Courses


How long are the Ableton Live courses?

Each Ableton Live Course has a duration of 8 weeks with two hour classes each week. (16 hours total of Ableton Training time)

                However students quite often will do more than 2 hours a week. I have students from virtually every continent so I have to be very flexible due to the

different time zones so you can always be sure to book in at a convenient time.

Ableton Live Beginners Course Sylabus

  • Basic functionality of Ableton Live
  • Differences of Midi and Audio tracks
  • Sequencing Drum Beats
  • Introduction into Synthesis Stage 1
  • Basic Effects Processing
  • Basic Chords/Melody Theory
  • Equalisation
  • Sampling
  • Ableton Instruments
  • Mixing

Ableton Live Intermediate Course Sylabus

  • Effects processing and automation
  • Synthesis
  • Sampling
  • Drum and Percussion Sequencing
  • Genre Specific Sound Design
  • Finishing Tracks/Structural Analysis
  • Music Theory
  • Bass Workshop
  • Chopping Breaks
  • Compression
  • Corrective/Creative Equalisation
  • Audio Editing
  • Use of Serum/Massive
  • Kick and Bass Masterclass

Ableton Live Advanced Course Sylabus

  • Advanced Effects processing and automation
  • Foley Integration Techniques
  • Advanced Synthesis and modulation (different modes synthesis)
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Time Stretching
  • Granular Synthesis
  • Drum and Percussion Sequencing
  • Genre Specific Sound Design
  • Finishing Tracks/Structural Analysis
  • Music Theory
  • Bass Workshop (Neuro Bass, Sub Bass, Bass Music)
  • Chopping Breaks
  • Workflow, Finishing tracks
  • Record Labels/Getting Gigs/Releasing Music
  • Different Compression Methods
  • Corrective/Creative Equalisation
  • Swing Grooves/Groove Pool
  • Audio Editing (micro editing)
  • Advanced use of Serum/Massive (wavetable synthesis/creation)
  • Kick and Bass Masterclass – Mastering the “Low end”
  • Basic of Max for Live (LFO, envelope follower, convolution reverb, granulator)

Ableton Live Lessons

Pay by Hour

Book just a single Ableton Live lesson or save money and buy a set of four Ableton Live lessons. All conducted in the same manner as the Ableton Live courses.

What my students say!

Design Your Own Course

Due to the frequent requests by students to customise their own courses I have made this a permanent available option. This way you get to choose how many hours the course is made of and exactly what topics you learn. The price is dependent on your skill level and also how many hours you get as the more you buy the cheaper the overall price will become.

Here below are some general topics of which can give you some idea of the topics which are available to learn. To get a quote on a customised course all you have to do is email me personally and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. The list is only a guideline and you are welcome ton request any topic or genre as apart of your course. As well as producing music for over ten years I have been a multi instrumentalist and composer for more than twenty years so as well as music production I welcome requests to study music theory and composition.

Basic functionality of Ableton Live, Differences of Midi and Audio tracks, Sequencing Drum Beats, Introduction into Synthesis Stage 1, Basic Effects Processing, Basic Chords/Melody Theory, Equalisation, Sampling, Ableton Instruments, Mixing, Effects processing and automation, Drum and Percussion Sequencing, Genre Specific Sound Design, Finishing Tracks/Structural Analysis, Music Theory, Harmony, Modes, Scales, Composition, Chords, Chopping Breaks, Compression, Corrective/Creative Equalisation, Audio Editing, Use of Serum/Massive, Kick and Bass Masterclasses, Advanced Effects processing and automation, Foley Integration Techniques, Advanced Synthesis and modulation (different modes synthesis), Advanced Sampling, Time Stretching, Granular Synthesis, Advanced use of Serum/Massive (wavetable synthesis/creation), Basic of Max for Live (LFO, envelope follower, convolution reverb, granulator), Sub Bass.

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Sample Packs

Click the artwork to hear previews of each sample pack. Hundreds of different samples of drum hits, drum loops, FX, foley soundeffects, bass loops and one shots and much more. A premium and ever growing collection of high quality samples to help you create electronic music that delivers your full creative potential.

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