Couldn’t recommend him enough. Dude knows his stuff and completely changed everything for me.

Ben Fraser

He taught me how to use all the Ableton Live plugins to craft that sound just as I like it. His a cool, open and friendly dude with a lot of knowledge to share.

Tom Fink

Not only are his abilities as a producer/musician seriously proficient, but his ability to disseminate the information in a teaching setting was very impressive. Daniel conveys a streamlined and progressive thought-train that breaks down topics both broad and focused. Even with years of music production under my belt, he showed me how much I still have to learn.

Chris Hanly

Identifying music production and composition with Dirty Hippy ( Daniel ) was one of the greatest ideas i have ever had.
Learning from him has never been easier as he takes his time in explaining to me all the tricky details and help me expose the sounds in an understandable manner that fits my style of music.

I would highly recommend everyone to join the wizard school and learn the ingredients for their signature potion

Rabih Bardawheel

I would highly recommend you take classes with Dirty Hippy. Dirty Hippy Studio has helped me a lot to understand the proper arrangement of a track and proper sound design making it as clean as possible. Its a definite guarantee to take your sound and style to the next level.

Rodrigo Diaz