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Daniel Patrick Swain

Born in 1987 in Leigh-on-Sea, England. Daniel started using audio software tools when he was 12 years old learning very early on how to programme synthesisers, samplers and how to sequence, automate and manipulate sounds. This passion led to a career as a music producer for the internationally acclaimed music label Zenon Records. Off the back of this he has toured in over 20 countries, taught across the world sound design workshops, released 7 albums and created a wide range of sample packs.

From an even younger age Daniel has learned how to play multiple instruments and studied composition, music theory and music technology at The Seevic Arts College.

In the last few years Daniel has been working towards his goal of taking his sound design expertise into the game development field and in that time acquired an in depth knowledge of audio middleware and game engine software, understanding all common functionality.



The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – Audio Redesign

Video Credits – Disney

Dark Souls 3 – Game Trailer Music & SFX Redesign

Video Credits – FromSoftware Inc.

The Audi RS 3 “Birth” – Music & SFX Redesign

Video Credits – Audi

Book of Atem – Game Trailer Music & SFX Redesign

Video Credits – Micro Gaming

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon – Audio / Music Remake

Video Credits – Prada

Sound Design

Slice of Life Clip Audio Redesign, Music & SFX & Vocal Dialogues.
Video Credits – Luka Hrgović & Dino Julius/Julias Film
Scorn – Audio Redesign

Video Credits – Ebb Software

Void Bastards – Audio Redesign

Video Credits – Blue Manchu

Hotline Miami – Music & SFX Redesign

Video Credits – Dennaton Games, Abstraction

Hollow Knight – Music & SFX Redesign

Video Credits – Team Cherry

Borderlands 3 Audio Redesign

Video Credits – Gearbox Software

Game Audio

Here is an in depth walk through and demonstration of some ambient and procedural sound design and an interactive music system all created and implemented using Wwise and Unreal Engine. I have used an environmental map download from the Unreal marketplace of which has a cave and mountain area. Each area has its unique sound design elements and separate music system.

Here is an ambient and procedural sound design demo of a Forest village level I have populated with sounds inside Unreal Engine using only Blueprints and no audio middleware. I didn’t use Wwise so I could become more familiar with using Blueprints. I focused very much to attention to detail so the immersive world is as convincing as possible and that nothing repeats itself so feels like an organic and natural experience.



Artist Projects


Dirty Hippy

Zenon Records

Daniel Patrick Swain was born in 1987 in Leigh-on-Sea, England and has been making music since he picked up a guitar at 7 years old. His passion for music developed into the field of electronic music production and more than ten years ago the Dirty Hippy project was born. Since then he has performed across more than twenty different countries, playing to festival crowds at the likes of Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia) and more!

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Pet Project

This is the project I started for the purpose of having a place I could without restriction or expectation, compose and produce music, purely for enjoyment. So here you will find a mega merger of all the influences that I have accumulated throughout my life plus original injections of weirdness and experimental composition. This music could be described as cinematic, otherworldly electronica with lashing of metal, orchestral music and jazzy tones. This is my pet project and hope to do lots with it.


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